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1/PCH Freeway Accidents and Injuries

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

Many descriptions could be given about Highway 1, or the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), which extends through much of the Pacific Coast of California. Anyone who lives and drives in the Bay Area has traveled beautiful Highway 1. Most tourists to the San Francisco Bay Area travel on parts of the PCH. This historic highway takes residents and tourists alike through Golden Gate Park, the Presidio and on the Golden Gate Bridge. It is sad to note, that due to the large amount of traffic, the PCH can be a site of vehicle and pedestrian accidents. This is where an experienced San Francisco car accident lawyer, from our firm the Pacific Attorney Group, may be of service to you and your family.

The force and violence of a car crash is something we wish no one would ever have to experience. Even collisions at a relatively low speed can cause devastating injuries. On a busy highway like the PCH a multi-vehicle accident can easily occur. Fractures, contusions, brain and spinal cord injuries and even paralysis occur too frequently as a result of car accidents. Who takes care of the victims, and those close to them, who can also be affected by their injuries? At the Pacific Attorney Group we pride ourselves on fighting aggressively for the rights and needs of our clients.

Fair Compensation in Car Collisions

Fair and sufficient compensation in any car accident case depends on the extent of your injuries and the effects they have on your life. Understandably an accident victim is often focused on their immediate pain and suffering. There are, however, other concerns once the immediate medical emergencies are handled. Often the full medical effects of the collision aren't realized until days or weeks after the accident. In the case of a severe injury there are future medical costs, loss of wages, and the handling of day-to-day living that need to be taken care of.

We wouldn't reasonably expect you or a loved one to know the intricacies of dealing with resistant insurance companies and their attorneys. Tracking down and proving the responsible party or parties in an accident can be time consuming and difficult. Allow a professional to assist you or a loved one when help is actually needed.

Contact a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney when a 1/PCH freeway accident has caused you or a loved one pain or suffering due to injuries.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

If you would like to discuss your case in full detail and are interested in learning more about who can be held responsible for your injuries, contact a San Francisco car accident lawyer at Accident Lawyers today.

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