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Regarding 280 Freeway Accidents

Car Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

The first automobile related death happened in London in the year 1896. At that time the coroner stated, "This must never happen again." It is a sobering fact of life that injuries and deaths regularly happen on our roads, highways and freeways. According to the World Health Organization an estimated 25 million vehicle fatalities have occurred since 1896. The latest statistics released by the State of California reveal, that in San Francisco County, there were 4,683 injuries due to vehicles accidents in just one year.

There are key freeways in the Bay Area that are heavily trafficked by residents and tourists alike. One of these is Interstate 280. This interstate runs cuts through the city itself and then runs north to south down the San Francisco Peninsula. While it is a very scenic route it can also by the site of violent car collisions. Have you are someone you are close to been involved in a car accident on the 280? The accident may have been due to another's negligence. If this is the case, at the Pacific Attorney Group we would like you to know, that you have certain legal rights to receive just compensation for your pain and suffering.

Accident Causes and Compensation

One of our main goals in your case is to firmly establish who caused the accident. The main reasons for most accidents have been researched and are commonly known. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the top 6 causes of accident fatalities were (in order): distracted drivers, driver fatigue, drunk driving, speeding, aggressive driving and the weather. California State information shows that there were 214,811 DUI arrests and 1355 DUI-related fatalities in only one year. If your accident was caused by someone who was reckless or careless, this needs to be investigated and proven.

An experienced and aggressive San Francisco car accident lawyer may be able to provide you and your family with the legal assistance needed to successfully pursue your case. Please realize that the responsible party may have hired a lawyer who is fighting hard to get his client off. You may be facing immediate medical costs, vehicle replacement, future medical bills, loss of wages and much more depending on the severity of your accident.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer in San Francisco when you have been involved in a 280 freeway accident and desire strong legal assistance.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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