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San Francisco Burn Injury Lawyer

Have you suffered a burn injury due to a car accident?

Car accidents can lead to many different types of injuries, but few are as painful and cause such long term suffering as burn injuries. Burn injuries in car accidents can occur when a vehicle is struck so violently that the gas tank explodes, or if the vehicle overheats and catches on fire. Burns can also result when a truck vs. car accident occurs and the truck spills flammables or becomes engulfed in flames due to chemicals it might be carrying. Whatever the reason, a burn injury will require extensive care. In order to ensure you receive the medical treatment you will need in order to recover, contact a San Francisco car accident attorney to advise you regarding your best legal options in pursuing compensation.

There are various degrees of burns, some more serious than others. First degree burns can be mild and require some simple first aid for treatment. Second degree burns are more serious and can require more extensive treatment in a medical facility. Third degree burns are life threatening and require hospitalization with extensive treatment that may encompass surgeries, skin grafts and other long term care. The risk of infections with a 3rd degree burn is high, which can complicate recovery even more.

When facing the painful aftermath of a burn injury, contact the Pacific Attorney Group for caring and compassionate assistance.

Burn Injury Claims

If your burn injury was caused by the negligence of another driver, it is imperative one of our dedicated car accident lawyers be consulted to determine what compensation you are entitled to. Your medical treatment will likely be costly and lengthy, requiring that your settlement be sufficient to care for your medical and financial needs. When you retain our firm, you can be confident our legal team will work hard to obtain all possible compensation on your behalf, including medical costs, future medical care, lost wages, future lost income due to being unable to work as well as pain and suffering for this most painful type of injury.

Contact a San Francisco Burn Injury Attorney when you have been injured in a car accident resulting in burns.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

If you would like to discuss your case in full detail and are interested in learning more about who can be held responsible for your injuries, contact a San Francisco car accident lawyer at Accident Lawyers today.

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