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Injuries in San Francisco Car Accidents

The injuries sustained in a San Francisco car accident may give way to numerous problems for a victim. The burden of dealing with the physical injuries alone may be extremely difficult, but a car accident may have emotional and financial effects as well. The legal team at Pacific Attorney Group is committed to helping car accident victims rebuild and recover from all negative consequences of a car accident, including those that involve physical injury, emotional trauma and financial complications.

The type and extent of injury sustained in any car accident will vary depending on the type of accident and the vehicles involved. The type of accident, such as a head-on, side impact or rear-end collision, will influence where the vehicle is impacted. The vehicles involved, such as a large truck, bus, motorcycle or another car will influence which vehicle will sustain the most damage. These factors, along with the speed and force of impact and the crashworthiness of both vehicles, will determine what injuries a victim may sustain. These injuries may include:
Head trauma
Facial injuries
Dental injuries
Damaged internal organs
Internal bleeding
Multiple broken bones
Spinal cord injuries

Neck injuries
Severe burns
Paraplegia or quadriplegia
Brain damage

Car Accident Injury Statistics in San Francisco

The California Highway Patrol has a comprehensive list of statistics pertinent to car accidents in San Francisco. According to these statistics:
2,277 drivers were injured. In 2008, there were 3,577 auto accidents in San Francisco that caused injury to a total of 4,683 people.
2,277 drivers were injured.
1,131 passengers were injured.
809 pedestrians were injured.
466 bicyclists were injured.
345 motorcyclists were injured.

San Francisco Car Accident Injury Attorney

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San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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