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San Francisco Single Vehicle Accident Attorney

A single vehicle accident is a type of accident that involves one vehicle only. Most of these single vehicle accidents are entirely blamed on the driver however this is not necessarily correct. There are many circumstances where the driver is not actually at fault. 75% of all rollover accidents involve only one vehicle. There may also be unpredictable car handling issues and defects with the manufacture of the vehicle, which play a part in these accidents.

There have been instances where brakes have failed in vehicles, SUVs have rolled over due to poor design and tires have been manufactured incorrectly. None of these circumstances are your fault and you should not automatically be blamed if you have been involved in a single vehicle accident.

Injuries Resulting From a Single Vehicle Accident

The types of injuries one can sustain from a single vehicle accident are no less severe than any other type of accident. You could suffer any type of injury from whiplash, to mild traumatic brain injury , to accidental amputation. Such injuries can dramatically affect your ability to earn a living, pay your medical expenses or support your family. At the Pacific Attorney Group, we feel it is of great importance to find an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney , who may be able to get you the compensation that you and your family need for your peace of mind.

Per the latest statistics from the California Highway Patrol, 4,683 people were injured in San Francisco due to car accidents in just one year. This is a distressing amount of injuries and the hardships suffered from these injuries will be largely ignored unless a competent lawyer is hired and is willing to fight for your rights.

Contact a San Francisco Single Vehicle Accident Attorney if you or a loved one has been involved in a single vehicle accident and need professional legal help with your claim.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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