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Driving in San Francisco and the surrounding areas can be an adventure. With the amount of tourists that regularly visit our area, there are many individuals who are driving on unfamiliar roads and freeways. Unfortunately, even those that live here can drive intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or be distracted in one way or another while driving. At the Pacific Attorney Group, experience has shown us that the end result is often an accident. These accidents cause property damage and injuries and all too commonly drastically change a person's life.

One of the most severe types of collisions that can occur is called a T-bone accident or broadside collision. A T-Bone happens when the front of another vehicle hits the side of your car. While a rear-end accident or single vehicle accident can sometimes be mild, a T-bone accident rarely is. Happily, many people are never involved in a car crash and may not understand the pain and suffering that can follow. It is hard enough to have to deal with the injuries that can occur, let alone the legal battles that may follow to obtain proper compensation. This is where an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney may be of great service to you and your loved ones.

Compensation for Your Injuries

A T-bone accident usually happens at an intersection or when one driver fails to yield at a red light or stop sign. The weight and speed of the oncoming vehicle, plus where exactly it strikes your car, can determine the amount of damage that is done. Your car is usually better protected on the front and sides of the vehicle. Even side air bags may not completely protect you in a violent collision. Our prompt and thorough investigation of the accident, interviews of witnesses, review of law enforcement reports and other pertinent matters may result in a successful settlement for you.

You may have immediate needs for replacement of your vehicle plus medical expenses. Depending on the severity of your injuries, there can be future medical costs and care. You may lose your ability to earn wages temporarily or even permanently. Sometimes the victim of an accident may have the care of their loved ones to consider as well. Allow us to assist you and your family during a time of need.

Contact a San Francisco T-Bone Accident Lawyer if you or a loved one have been the victim of a T-Bone accident and would like competent legal assistance.

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