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San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

About Car vs. Bicycle Accidents

There were 474 bicycle-involved accidents in San Francisco in 2008. Of these, 3 were fatal and 471 caused some type of injury.* Bicycling is a favorite pastime of many and an eco-friendly means of transportation for the environmentally conscious. Unfortunately, when cars and bicycle riders share the road, accidents may occur. In a car versus bicycle accident, a victim may suffer serious injury or may even lose his or her life, particularly the rider of the bicycle. Even when wearing a helmet, the bicyclist may sustain catastrophic injuries that cause temporary or permanent disability and an uncertain future.

If you were the driver or passenger of a car or were a cyclist injured in a car accident involving a bicycle, a San Francisco car accident attorney at our law firm may be able to help you. From the very beginning, an attorney can step in and assist you in filing your insurance claim and can then work to negotiate with the insurance company or can file a lawsuit in civil court to help you seek financial compensation for what you have experienced. Future damages will also be an important part of your claim, particularly when you consider that you may face continued medical expenses or may have lost the ability to work in the same field or make the same amount of income, if any.

Financial Damages for a San Francisco Car versus Bicycle Accident

Seeking and recovering financial damages after a car versus bicycle accident in San Francisco is important. While you cannot fully erase all of the harm that a car accident caused, recovering financial compensation can help you recover financially and can alleviate much of the stress you are experiencing. It can help ensure you receive the best medical care and can help you face a more secure future.

Find out how we can help you seek financial damages for your case. Contact a San Francisco car and bicycle accident lawyer at Pacific Attorney Group.

*Statistics compiled by the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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