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Car vs. Bus Accidents in San Francisco

Car Accident Attorney

A car versus bus accident is a serious type of motor vehicle accident that may affect numerous victims at once. In addition to the driver and occupants of the car involved in the accident, the passengers of the bus may be at risk of injury. It is in these situations that it is crucial to consult an attorney about your legal rights, your options and what to expect in moving forward with an insurance claim or lawsuit.

With our experience in San Francisco car accident claims and the resources to launch a complete investigation into the cause of your car versus bus accident, the legal team at Pacific Attorney Group is here to offer you the help you need. We have more than 35 years of combined attorney experience and have been helping victims of serious injuries in California since 2003. Best of all, your initial consultation and your opportunity to discuss your case is free. You also pay no legal fees unless we win your case.

What Causes a San Francisco Car versus Bus Accident?

A car versus bus accident may be caused by various different factors. Driver negligence, whether on the part of the driver of the bus or the car, is often a leading factor in these accidents. Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and driving while distracted may cause any San Francisco car accident that involves a bus. Poor maintenance of the bus may also be a cause, as well as defective streetlights or other external factors. An important part of the services that our attorneys provide is the full investigation of a car versus bus accident to determine what caused the collision and therefore what party should be held accountable.

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San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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