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Car Accidents Involving Motorcycles

San Francisco Car and Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A car accident that involves a motorcycle will most often be catastrophic for the rider of the motorcycle as opposed to the occupants of the car. However, the injury sustained and the particulars of the accident will vary. Whether you were a motorcyclist or the driver or passenger of a car involved in a car versus motorcycle accident in the San Francisco area, an attorney at our law offices can help. We understand how to approach these cases and can work to represent your interests in order to assist you in resolving this situation swiftly and to the best possible result.

A car versus motorcycle accident may have varied and serious consequences. A victim may suffer from physical injury as well as emotional trauma associated with the accident and the physical trauma sustained, and this may lead to further psychological damage and stress due to mounting medical bills and financial difficulties caused by missed work combined with these expenses. In matters such as this, exercising your legal right to file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused the accident can help ensure you recover the money you need to address these concerns.

Working with a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love was recently involved in a car versus motorcycle accident and you are interested in discussing this matter further, do not wait to call our offices. Your initial consultation with a San Francisco car accident attorney is free and confidential. Further, you pay no legal fees for our services unless we win your case by getting a settlement on your behalf or securing a jury verdict in your favor. With more than 35 years of combined legal experience and the dedication to see your case through to the best possible result, we are confident that we can help with your car accident claim that involves a motorcycle.

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San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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