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Catastrophic Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Car accidents are the leading cause of injuries in the United States, and many of these injuries result in catastrophic consequences, major injuries that affect the health of lifestyle of the individual for months or years to come. Head on collisions, rollovers, car vs. truck accidents and others can all lead to catastrophic injuries. These severe injuries result in long term medical care and considerable pain and suffering, with long and involved recuperation times. Some of the types of injuries which can be considered catastrophic include:
Internal organ injuries
Brain injuries
Spinal cord injuries
Severe fractures

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident which resulted in a catastrophic injury, you need to consult with a San Francisco car accident lawyer in order to protect your rights to the type of compensation you will need in order to fully recover from your injuries.

Catastrophic Injuries and Long Term Medical Care

Due to the severity of a catastrophic injury, a person is likely going to need intensive care for some time, probably in a hospital setting. Surgeries are common, as is lengthy rehabilitation. Often a person will be disabled for some time and be unable to work, and some never fully recover and can no longer return to gainful employment. With injuries that leave a person paralyzed, scarred, possibly brain damaged, it is vital to have a car accident attorney working on your behalf to ensure your claim is well documented as to your medical and financial needs when presenting a claim for compensation. Pacific Attorney Group has over 35 years of experience assisting those who have suffered serious injuries and have successfully obtained recovery of damages for our clients.

If you have sustained catastrophic injuries in a car accident due to someone else's negligence, contact a San Francisco Catastrophic Injury Attorney for experienced legal advice.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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