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Accidental Amputation Information

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

The term "amputation" is defined as the removal of a body extremity by either surgery or trauma. In the case of a car accident, the amputation can be caused by the violence of the accident itself. In some instances the medical consequences of a car accident injury can bring about the need to remove a limb. You don't need a lawyer to tell you that an accidental amputation can be a devastating and life-changing situation. This is true not only for the victim of the accident, but it may also greatly change the lives of loved ones that are close to the victim. At the Pacific Attorney Group, we strongly feel that you deserve the help of an experienced San Francisco car accident attorney, if you have suffered an accidental amputation as the result of a car accident.

You have a legal right to fair and adequate compensation if your accidental amputation was brought about by the carelessness or recklessness of another. Amputation of a limb is a serious medical situation with repercussions that extend into the future. In a violent car crash the limb may have been partially or wholly severed during the accident. Sometimes a serious infection or inability for the limb to recover may make amputation the correct medical decision. In specific instances the only safe way to save the victim's life was the removal of a limb. In our view, a negligent driver can cause a drastic change in your life and you need to be compensated for that injury.

What can we do for you?

It is vital that we promptly and correctly investigate the true cause of your amputation. Armed with this information we can take on insurance companies and their attorneys who do not always want to properly compensate accident victims. The correct person or persons who caused the accident need to be located and held accountable.

An accidental amputation can bring about immediate medical costs, the need to replace destroyed property, lost wages, an inability to be employed and a need for future medical care. You may have a family which you need to support and we would like to help you be able to do that. The manufacture and use of prosthetic limbs has dramatically improved over recent years. With properly made and fitted prosthetics, individuals often conduct normal and productive lives. Our firm stands ready to assist you to lead a high-quality and rewarding life after an accidental amputation.

Contact a San Francisco Car Accident Attorney when you have suffered an accidental amputation and want experienced and hard-working legal assistance on your behalf.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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