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Paralysis Injury Attorney in San Francisco

Help for Paralysis Victims

At the Pacific Attorney Group our first concern is always going to be what is medically and emotionally best for our clients. If you or a loved one has received a paralysis injury as the result of a car accident, there will be changes in your life that need to be properly taken care of. It is a fact of our modern world that insurance companies, and those that work for them, do not always offer an equitable settlement for an accident victim. To prevent this from occurring, a knowledgeable San Francisco car accident lawyer may be able to assist to receive the compensation you deserve.

Car collisions are often violent incidents with permanent repercussions. This is especially true in the case of a person who has been paralyzed due to a car accident. Medically speaking paralysis is defined as the total loss of muscle function in one or more muscles. Paralysis is the loss of motor control in a muscle. It can also be loss of sensation in the affected area. If the accident is severe, both conditions can be permanent, causing the victim to have to drastically change their way of life. This is where a caring and trustworthy attorney may be of service to you and your loved ones.

What compensation are you owed?

Proper compensation depends to a great extent on the severity of your injuries. It also depends on how your injuries affect you both now and in the future. Paralysis can be localized to one limb or area of the body or it can be more generalized throughout the body. Paraplegia is a type of paralysis that affects the lower limbs of the body, whereas in quadriplegia the individual is unable to move all four limbs of the body. In partial paralysis a person is unable to move one side of their body or a portion of it. No matter the type of paralysis you face, you deserve competent treatment and care.

There are many actions to take and elements that need to be considered, to ensure a successful outcome in your case. Our independent investigation into the facts and evidence of your case may reveal the true cause and responsible parties in the accident. Immediate medical costs, future medical procedures, possible long-term care and rehabilitation must all be considered. A paralysis victim may temporarily or permanently lose the ability to earn wages. We take care to handle each case on its own merits. You are a unique individual who deserves experienced legal representation.

Contact a Paralysis Injury Attorney in San Francisco when you or a loved one has received a paralysis injury due to a car accident and would like experienced legal assistance.

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