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San Francisco Paraplegia Injury Attorney

Compensation for Paraplegia Paralysis

Another's negligence or recklessness may have caused you or a loved one to receive a paraplegia injury. At the Pacific Attorney Group would like to come to your aid to when you most need it. First it is important to understand what paraplegia is and the changes it may bring to your life. When the motor and sensory functions of the lower extremities are impaired, this is called "paraplegia." Car accidents are unfortunately a major cause of this injury.

A violent car collision can injure the spinal cord severely causing partial or full paralysis. Inflammation and swelling can occur in the spinal cord at the point the injury occurred. These factors then affect the nervous system rendering it unable to function correctly. While the victim of a paraplegia injury is usually concerned with the immediate injury, there are future concerns that need to be compensated as well. Most who suffer this type of injury must use a wheelchair or other supportive device to get around. With the help of proper rehabilitation services some may be able to walk in a limited manner. Looking at the immediate medical costs, plus future changes in lifestyle, full compensation for your injuries must be sought after. A knowledgeable San Francisco car accident attorney will work with you towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Paraplegia Complications and the Future

Further medical complications are common with someone who has suffered a paraplegia injury. Chronic nerve pain, pressure sores and pneumonia can occur with a paraplegia victim. Difficulty in breathing, impotence and incontinence may accompany the loss of motor and sensory functions a paraplegic experiences. It is important that these situations be accounted for medically and financially.

Your current condition may have occurred due to someone else's carelessness. It now affects you and your family. Your future or that of a loved one needs to be taken care of with dignity and as much comfort as possible. We encourage you to get the valuable legal advice and actions you need in order to secure your future.

Contact a San Francisco Paraplegia Injury Attorney if you have received a paraplegia injury due to a car accident and require experienced legal assistance.

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