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Quadriplegia Accident Lawyer in San Francisco

Have you suffered from a quadriplegia injury?

At the Pacific Attorney Group, our experience has shown us that injuries and serious property damage are common occurrences in car collisions. Our firm takes pride in the service we give to our clients. We hope we never become numb to the pain and suffering that can be the result of a violent car accident. This is especially true when the victim suffers from an extreme form or paralysis known as "quadriplegia."

A partial or total loss of the use of all limbs and the torso is a medical definition for quadriplegia. It is however hard to describe in terms of the pain and suffering that quadriplegia victims must endure. Quadriplegia is caused by devastating damage to the spinal cord or the brain. It can result in loss of both sensation and motor control in all limbs plus the torso. You don't need us to inform you that such an injury will bring about drastic changes for the individuals involved. Where a competent and dedicated San Francisco car accident lawyer may be of assistance, is in ensuring that you or a loved one is fully compensated for the injury you have suffered.

Future Care and Compensation

Diagnosis of an injury to the spine or brain can be missed or done too late in a violent car collision. Other injuries may mask what has occurred to the victim. The results of the missed or late diagnosis can be very serious and permanent. We urge you to quickly contact one of our attorneys, if you feel that proper medical care is being delayed, due to insurance company concerns. Insurance company lawyers do not always offer the immediate and full compensation that you need to handle your medical needs. We feel it is best to have someone who knows your rights and can aggressively fight for them.

Quadriplegia care varies depending on the extent of the victim's paralysis. It is safe to say that there are immediate medical costs that need to be taken care of. Unfortunately it is equally true that there will be future medical costs and long-term medical care that need to be accounted for. Loss of wages and an inability to earn wages in the future need to be compensated as well. Some quadriplegia injury victims require daily medical care and help in order to conduct their lives. Let's get the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact a Quadriplegia Accident Lawyer in San Francisco when a car accident has caused a quadriplegia injury and experienced legal assistance is needed.

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