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Severe Traumatic Brain Injury Accidents

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Car accidents are often more violent and their consequences more severe than many people realize. One of the most devastating and life changing injuries that can be sustained is a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). While there are many types of brain injuries, a TBI results when a person has suffered a loss of consciousness for more than 6 hours. The unconsciousness is the result of an external force traumatically injuring the brain. In a car collision, a TBI can occur due to the direct impact of the crash. Intense acceleration or deceleration in an accident can also bring about a traumatic brain injury.

At the Pacific Attorney Group, we feel it is urgent to retain an experienced San Francisco car accident lawyer to aggressively pursue the injured person's rights in the event of a TBI. A severe brain injury can cause other medical complications in the days or weeks after the initial injury. Pressures can build up within the skull or the blood flow within the brain can be changed, all with serious consequences. In a very severe car collision other injuries can cause a TBI to be missed by medical personnel. It is our belief that the victim of a TBI should not have to worry about medical or other costs, but should be able to concentrate solely on their physical and mental recovery.

TBI Effects

Someone who has suffered a TBI can experience of large variety of adverse effects up to permanent disability or death. Memory problems, slurred speech, inabilities to read and write and partial or total loss of vision can all occur as the result of a TBI. A traumatic brain injury can cause sleep disorders, depression, seizures and in severe cases paralysis. According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 85,000 people have long term disabilities each year from TBIs.

In the last decades there has been a marked improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of severe traumatic brain injuries. Unfortunately, recovery from a TBI oftentimes involves lengthy and costly medical treatment and rehabilitation. With a TBI, prevention of further medical complications can become key to a patient's recovery. We want you to have a team on your side to assist in dealing with legal issues, so that full and proper attention may be put on medical care and rehabilitation.

Contact a San Francisco Car Accident Lawyer when a car accident has resulted in a severe traumatic brain injury and expert legal assistance is required.

San Francisco Car Accident Attorney

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